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Located on the very crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations, Azerbaijan was exposed to the influence of both of them. As a part of the greatest empires in the history of human kind, Azerbaijan was the site of the most decisive events and had seen many mighty conquerors, including Haroun al-Raschid, Chingis Khan, Pompey, and Alexander the Great.

Azerbaijan has been hosting travellers since silk worms started to spin. Azerbaijan was once a major stopover on the Great Silk Route, and there are many captivating sights to see in this ancient country - Bronze Age petroglyphs, medieval minarets and mosques, the famous carpets, unique nature.  

Baku - view from the Caspian sea 

One of many republics which emerged from the former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan is probably one of the less known. When you visit the capital Baku, it becomes clear soon that this country has always been a crossroads for travellers from Europe and the East. Landmarks confirming this can be seen throughout the city. The Greeks, Persians, and so many other ancient peoples have visited and left their marks in this country.

Azerbaijan is a unique reserve of the world nature.

-  9 climatic zones out of 11 existing on the Earth: from subtropics up to high mountainous Alpine mead­ows

-  relic woods and seacoast

-  mountains, falls and rivers, lakes, hot springs and mineral sources and the only deposit of curative oil in the world.

-  blue light of glaciers of the Caucasus and almost 3000 sundials per year.

There are 15 natural-historical reserves, 20 hunting ground and plac­es for hunting in Azerbaijan. 7 rest zones are at the coast of the Caspian Sea. By the number of the reserves per each of Azerbaijan wins the first place in the world. 

Giz Galasi or Maiden's Tower is one of the most popular and striking of the city's landmarks. Azerbaijan is a country of wonderful mountain lakes. The Lakes Ghoy-gol, Nohur, Maral-gol, unique and wonderful for their beauty are hidden in the mountains of the Less and the Great Caucasus. They have been the favourite recreation places for a long time.

6000 miracles of the world: architectural-historical paradise. Memory of millennia. Fortresses of patriots. Places of the lords. Mausoleums-tombs and towers-riddles. Temples of fire, sacred falls and eternal trees of desires. 6000 monuments of art, wisdom, spirituality.

More than 6000 historical archeological object, and 65 monuments of world value, as well, have been kept up to now in Azerbaijan.

"Azerbaijan24" will help you travel to Azerbaijan Republic, enjoy a beautiful mix of spectacular historical monuments, peculiar traditions, lifestyle of indigenous Azerbaijan people, go sightseeing the ancient monuments and unique natural resorts.

"Azerbaijan24" project specializes in providing all kinds of travel-related services in Azerbaijan. We can offer you both group and individual tours based on your preferences. Our team will be happy to offer you a number of tourist packages and services, such as automobile transport, hotel reservation, accommodation in serviced apartments, guides and interpreters. Also, we organize conferences, seminars and workshops in major cities of Azerbaijan: Baku, Ganca, Sumgayit etc., and cater their participants with other services, such as transportation, transfers, accommodation.

Baku - the capital of AzerbaijanOur activity is built on the high profile and dedication of our team members, who have already been present in the tourism business for decades. In our work, we put people's interests first and see the ultimate objective in sharing the pleasures of travelling and exploring new horizons with our clients.

"Azerbaijan24" is also keen to dispel the myth that travelling in Azerbaijan is expensive. It can be quite inexpensive if you choose efficient travel company. Due to reduced internal costs, high professionalism of the staff, effective arrangements with local partners and the general client-friendly approach, we are able to offer very competitive prices and excellent service.

Whether you will travel to Azerbaijan with the assistance of B.T.S. (Baku Travel Services, Reg.N.: 002382) or some other travel agency we believe you will fall in love with this beautiful country and generous people as we did.

4 days/3 nights tour across Baku

Destination: Old city, Greater Baku Price: from $USD 500 per person
Places to visit: Old Town, Maiden Tower, Shirvanshah...

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