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... The first independent democratic republic in the whole Muslim East has been established in Azerbaijan. It took place on 28 May,1918.

... Alongside with numerous historical and architectural masterpieces in Azerbaijan, there are many natural monuments, protected by the state. These are huge oaks, chestnuts and plane trees, the age of which is over 500 - 600 years.

... In Talysh Mountains there is an area of long-livers, Lerik district. Ten people, who stepped a century boundary, live here, and among them there were also superveterans Mahmud Eyvazov (1808 - 1958) and Shirali Muslumov (1812 - 1975).

... First-ever practical off-shore development of oil deposits has appeared at the coast of Azerbaijan. In 1949 the city in the sea "Oil rocks" has been constructed there.

... A mysterious ancient city Amashara has been discovered in the south-east of Azerbaijan. Scientists consider, that magicians living once there, were able to prepare from grapes, pome­granate and ethedr a wonderful drink "Khaoma", which gave a person force and cured from illnesses (well, how not to recollect the popular historical digression in days of Asteriks and Obelisk?).

... During the II World war, 90 % of planes of the USSR refueled by the Baku oil.

... Half of all the mud volcanoes, known on the Earth (they are about 800) is concentrated in Azerbaijan. The world's largest mud volcano Taragay (410 m) is located in the south of Gobustan. The volcanic mud is enriched by micro and macroelements, possesses the important medi­cal properties, therefore "eruptions" of the most peace volcanoes can be only welcomed.

... There is a legend, that the city of Barda has been founded by Alexander the Great. It is one of the most ancient cultural centers of Azerbaijan. Since VI century it was the capital of the Caucasian Albania. And up today scientists and numerous tourists search (and find!) in its vicinities the proof of stay there of different civilizations.

... In V century the powerful stone wall, like the Great Chinese, for protection of northern bor­ders of the country, was constructed in

Azerbaijan. It started at the sea and lasted through all coastal plain up to the mountains. Ruins of high-moun­tainous fortress Chirag-gala in Siyazan, is a mem­ory of this wall.

... Azerbaijan by right can be considered the unique natural-climatic center of Transcaucasia. Thousands of mineral, thermal, sulphurous springs, medicinal falls and caves, plenty of rare valuable herbs, the unique in the world naftalan oil, curative mud and ablution in well-known eastern baths are very useful for health.

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