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The town of Guba is located 170km to the north of Baku in the Caucasus Mountains (with Shahdag mountain the highest peak at 4243m). In the 18th century Guba was the capital of a small Khanate. In spring...
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Qusar (Gusari, Ktsar)

Qusar is a sort of capital for the northern Lezghian minority and is home to the 'Lezghian National Theatre'. While much of the population still speaks Lezghi the town isn't visibly much different from...
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Located in an area of tall mountains and deep canyons, near the Garachay and Gochalanchay rivers, Gabala is notorious for the ruins of an ancient walled city (Chukur Gabala), dating back to the 4th century...
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Lencoran (Lankaran)

This is a small seaside city near the southern border with Iran, with a population of 45.000, most of which are Iranian Talysh . The Talysh have preserved their old traditions and customs. They number...
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Mingechaur (Mingechavir)

The monument "Mingachevir is Ancient Place of Living" was build at the entrance to the city, inviting the visitors to explore the city. The monument consists of a three meter-long broken pitcher...
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Masalli (200 km south of Baku) is a reasonably prosperous agricultural town which also has some light industry, capital of the Rayon of the same name. The town's centre is built near the river, with some...
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Nabran, the sea resort in the north of Azerbaijan, close to the border with Russia and the Dagestan region. Nabran beaches, an important health and holiday resort. The fine natural and climatic conditions...
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The Gobustan rock carvings cover a wide range of issues, all of them are unique and represent great artistic value Gobustan is a region with the territory of 100 square kilometers between the south...
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At certain periods of history Ordubad has been a semi-independent sultanate and for much of the Middle Ages it was a centre of learning which attracted the great scholars of the day including the family...
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Culfa (Julfa)

Culfa (Julfa) The town of Culfa is the only legal crossing point between Iran and Nakhchivan and today's heavy truck traffic follows much the same route as the Mongols took when they stormed through...
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