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Located on the western part of the Nakhchivan autonomous republic, Sharur is a recent town, developed with the construction of the railway that used to go northwest into Armenia. The closure of this link was a severe blow to the local economy. It's the centre of Nakhchivan's relatively fertile north-west-em plain and around it crouch several prosperous semi-agricultural suburban villages. On a clear day the ghostly appantion of Mt Ararat floats above the town, snow capped even in summer.The town has a double-minaret recently built mosque and an oddly shaped museum. Also original is the martyrs' memorial, in a park near the stadium (there's another park, named after Aliyev). There are several official buildings, a cinema on Shah Shamil street and two hotels: an old Soviet hotel in the centre and a newer hotel on the northern exit of town. Train services to Nakhchivan city operate regularly.

Just across the railway, 2km south of Sharur is the town of Yengijar, an interesting old town with some ancient mosques, the abandoned old baths and a nice, if not busy, bazaar. Yengijar's former importance was lost to Sharur, conveniently built by the railway. Yengija is the oldest town in northern Nakhchivan. The streets have something of the 'hidden courtyard' feel of Ordubad but with little of the latter's charm thanks to the busy central road and the flat terrain. Buses connect the two towns.

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