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Qax is a pleasant an tranquil provincial town, northwest of Sheki, at the base of an appendix of Azeri territory that penetrates into Georgia and Dagestan.
There is a culture centre, but social life runs around the chaikana, an interesting building with a metallic dome, located near the Baku bus stop, on a park with a monument to Mammad Mammadov.

The main bus station is in the south of the town, near the attractive Georgian style church. There are services to Russia and Georgia.

In the northern part of the town there is a small and poorly maintained hotel, without en-suite bathrooms. Qax train station is isolated and quite far from the town, so you may consider using Sheki's station instead.

Near Kakhi you'll find the tomb of Haji Murat, a fighter against Russian occupation, famous for Tolstoy's story 'Haji Murat'.

The nearby village of Ilisu was once the capital of an independent sultanate. There is only one street but two castle towers,  a mosque and a bridge dating from the 18 th century remain.

(400 km northwest of Baku)

Qax - Ulu Korpu - IlisuQax
Qax town
Qax townGeorgian church in Qah
Kurmuk churchKurmuk church
Old people in QaxQax street
Qax-Ilisu Sumug fortressShamil Qalasi
Shamil Qalasi

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