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Nabran, the sea resort in the north of Azerbaijan, close to the border with Russia and the Dagestan region.

Nabran beaches, an important health and holiday resort. The fine natural and climatic conditions of the area - golden beaches, woods along the seashore, the backdrop of snow capped mountains with rivers and waterfalls - make it an interesting holiday area.

There are several resorts in the Nabran area, some were refurbished recently although most accommodation is in the form of old style Soviet cabins. The area has some conditions for summer tourism most tourists will be domestic, any exception will be an expat breaking the routine from Baku. With no major industries in the area and low population density the quality of the sea water is a lot better than around the Apsheron peninsula, if you are still suspicious some of the resorts have decent swimming pools. One can be up to the waist in the water and will still see one's feet.

Another suprizing thing for new traveller might be the presence of the cows on the beach. I guess people are not the only ones who enjoy sun tanning... walks thus got quite adventurous when avoiding specific roundish things on the sand :o).

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