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Diri-Baba mausoleum

Two-floor Diri-Baba mausoleum is located in the outskirts of Maraza settlement in one of the rocky gorges, which is a wonderful creation of the art of ancient menders of the XV century. Shah Ibrahim transferred the lands, which are situated in Gobustan district at present, to the property of sheikh Diri-Baba, in honor of whom the funeral mosque was built in the late XIV century. This fact is proved in the notes of famous Turkish traveler Evliya Chelebi.

The monument had been attracting attention of the travelers (A.OIeariy, K. de Bruin, B.Dorn etc.) with its unusual facade and halo of the mystery concerned with the numerous legends and sagas already since the XVII century. The second floor is a main lodge in the construction, Two small embrasures in the northern wall lead to the grotto cut in the rock tract. A few stairs are cut in the rock leading to the cupola foundation. The architecture of Didi-Baba attracts attention with the spatial decisiveness, skillfully connected with the picturesque surrounding. Wonderful decoration of Diri-Baba is a belt with the decorative inscription dividing its floors. Mausoleum building is a masterpiece of Shirvan architecture school.

Some researches disclosed that this was architectural work was important both in terms of its floor plan and the architectural tradition to which it belonged.

According to the text of the inscription tablet, the structure was erected in the year H. 805 / 11402-3 during the reign of Sheikh Ibrahim Khan. The architect's name on the inscription medallion has been partly effaced, so that only the father's name is known: ".. .bin Üstad Hacı."

Over the centuries following its construction, the tomb structure suffered a great deal of damage but, finally, as a result of a restoration project undertaken in 1955, it assumed the form it possesses today.

The architectural work, which stands on a slope overlooking a valley, is built of dressed stone, and it is a plain but sound structure. The vault over the central space on the ground floor of the two-storey structure is extended in all four cardinal directions, and the upper storey is a domed hall with pendentives. The upper storey also contains a cavern chamber carved out of the mother rock. From here a stairway leads to the base of the dome, with the covering of the tomb abutting the rocky outcropping.

The example closest to the Diri Baba tomb in Asian Turkic architecture is the Parav Bibi tomb and small mosque in the environs of Rabat-Ferava in

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