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Babadag Mountain Passage Ц Karachay river canyon

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Day 1 Ц Leaving Baku and heading to Ismailly region until Geokchay river gorge. There we start our hiking tour upwards in the gorge along the mountain river bed and reaching the ruins of ancient settlement Bugur. Staying overnight in the tents pitched in the meadow.

Day 2 Ц Hiking up to Babadag passage, staying for the rest on the border between forest and alpine meadows. Overnight in tents.

Day 3 Ц reaching the passage and going down to Karachay river valley.

Day 4  - Hiking down along the gorge of Karachay river. Staying for the rest near Budug village. Excursion to the village, familiarization with everyday life of the Albanian tribes descendants. Staying overnight in the tents on the river bank.

Day 5 - Entering Karachay river canyon and hiking down to ancient fortress. Fixing the camp, exploring the fortress.

Day 6 Ц Spiral ascent to the cave and climbing to mountain massif. Overview of the region from the height of massif.


Day 7 Ц Walking down along Karachay river canyon to the forest path onto Alych village. Short rest and departure to Baku.

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