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Climbing Bazarduzi Mountain (4466 meters)

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Following is the itinerary to climb the highest peak of Azerbaijan and Dagestan Ц Bazarduzi Mountain.

This mountain is named after the flat area in front of the mountain which is where the Dagestani and Persian/Azerbaijani people would meet to trade. There is also a small graveyard where people who died in a battle with Persian armies.

Day 1 Ц Leaving Baku for Guba region towards the mountainous village of Xynalig. Short excursion in Xinalyg, familiarization with history and everyday life of local population. Horse or unmounted crossing through Xinalyg pass (2800 m) to Shahnabad river valley. Overnight in tents.


Day 2 Ц Walking across the bridge over Shahnabad river to the left bank and climbing up through gorge towards Shahnabad and Yatah rivers junction. Climbing across Yatah river gorge to the green terraces. Fixing a base camp. The crossing takes around 9-12 hours.

3 Day Ц Acclimatization, preparation to the final climb.

Day 4 Ц Leaving the base camp early in the morning and starting Bazarduzi climb. Return to the base camp.

Day 5 Ц Leaving the base camp for Xynalyg. Return to Baku.


This itinerary is for an experienced group. For a less fitted group the crossing from Xynalyg pass to base camp in the upper reach of Yatah river is highly recommended to cover for 2 days. Overnight stop is recommended at the junction of Shahnabad and Yatah rivers. In this case the whole itinerary will take 6 days.

Bazarduzu mountain, Azerbaijan

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