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Hiking in Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan’s potential for hiking activities is literally infinite. You will come across some of Europe's finest highland scenery in Caucasus Mountains that harbour spectacular peaks and glacial lakes, forested valleys and stream-side meadows, marvellous gorges and caves. They offer a wealth of exploration for hiking and trekking with hundreds of trails and variety of routes. Azerbaijan's mountains are also home to incredibly rich wildlife, flora and fauna protected in several national parks and reserves. Relative proximity to the capital Baku offer excellent choices for short weekend trekking or a more prolonged hiking.

All our tours are organised with the partnership of Mountain Sports Club ( They experience guides and instructors climbed all the major peaks in Azerbaijan. They participation is the best guarantee to recieve an unforgettable experience of unique Azerbaijan nature, view the best breathtaking sceneries in this part of the world, climb on the top of majestic Caucasus mountains, reach the heights that were accessible before only to eagles and keep that bright memories forever. Step on the roof of the world. Be there where eternity is.

The following tour programs were designed by Mountain Sports Club instructors. All the tours could be tailored individually depending on circumstances. Photos are also the courtesy of Mountain Sports Club. 

Shahdag mountain

Climbing Shahdag Mountain (4243 meters) - 5-6 Days  

Climbing Bazarduzi Mountain (4466 meters) - 5 Days

Tfan mountain - Caucasus, Azerbaijan

Climbing Tfan Mountain (4191 meters)

Backpacking to Sulphureous Springs - 6 Days

Karachay river canyon

Babadag mountain passage – Karachay river canyon Tour - 7 Days

Dear Customers, Azerbaijan24 would like to warn you that alpinism, hiking, trekking, mountainous tourism and other types of extreme activity are potentially dangerous to your health and life, they require some level of psychological, technical and physical experience. We do not recommend practicing extreme kinds of sport without experienced and qualified instructor.


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