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Climbing Shahdag Mountain (4243 meters)

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Shahdag mountainThe following is the itinerary to climb Shahdag mountain that was laid by A.V. Pastuhov (famous Caucasus explorer, Russian army topographer that climbed Shadag first in 1892)


Day 1 Ц Leaving Baku city for Guba region towards the mountainous village of Xynalig. Short excursion in Xinalyg, familiarization with history and everyday life of local population. Horse or unmounted crossing through Xinalyg pass (2800 m) to Shahnabad river valley. Overnight in tents.


Day 2 Ц Walking across the bridge over Shahnabad river to the left bank and climbing up through gorge towards Shahnabad Xinaliq village, Azerbaijanand Gevdalvats rivers junction. Climbing across Gevdalvats river gorge to the green terraces under the waterfalls. Fixing a base camp.

3 Day Ц Acclimatization, preparation to the final climb.

Day 4 Ц Leaving the base camp at 7.00 am and starting Shahdag climb. Ascent to the peak and descent to the base camp takes around 8-10 hours.

Day 5 Ц Leaving base camp for Xynalyg. Return to Baku.

Or alternatively

Day 5 Ц Walking down from the base camp to Garabulag. Overnight in tents in Garabulag.


Day 6 Ц Descent from Garabulag to Suvar tourist base and further to Laza village. Taking cars to Gusary town and from there to Baku.

ShahdagShahdaq, Azerbaijan
Night in the mountainsOnly ahead!!!

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