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Backpacking to Sulphureous Springs in the heart of Smaller Caucasus mountains

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Day 1 Ц Leaving Baku for Guba region towards the gorge of Velvelichay river. Stop at Afurdja village and short excursion to Afurdja waterfall. Returning to cars and keeping further along earth-road to Utugchay river gorge. Leaving cars and hiking along the river bed to sulphureous springs. Overnight in tents. 

Utugchay_river_canyonDay 2 Ц Descent to Gilgilchay river gorge, fixing a base camp. Swimming in sulphureous springs
Ц stone bathes carved in the rocks.

Day 3 - Exploring caves, observing the flight of
griffon vulture (Cyps fulvus), rest.

Day 4 Ц Descent to Dakhna village located in Giligchay river canyon and further ascent to the lakes of Nohurlar. Overnignt in the tents pitched on the shores of the lake.

Day 5 Ц Crossing along the mountain range to ancient Chirag-Gala fortress. From there we hike down the Gala-Alty resort place and stay there overnight in the tents.


Day 6 Ц return to Baku.

Gilgil_river_canyonAlong a canyon
CanyonChirag-gala fortress
Chirag-gala fortressGriffon vulture; Azerbaijan
Hot waterfallshydrogen_sulfide_bath

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