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Climbing Tfan Mountain (4191 meters)

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tfan mountain panoramaDay 1 Ц Leaving Baku for Guba region towards the mountainous village of Xinalig. Short excursion in Xinalyg, familiarization with history and everyday life of local population. Horse or unmounted crossing through Xinalyg pass (2800 m) to Shahnabad river valley. Approaching lower camp. Overnight in tents.


Day 2 Ц Acclimatization.


3 Day Ц Climb to the upper camp. Overnight over glacier in the upper camp.

Day 4 Ц Climbing to the peak of Tfan and returning to lower base camp.


Day 5 Ц return to Xinalyg Ц Baku

Tfan mountain, AzerbaijanOne of the itineraries to climb

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