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3 day program across Baku


First Day

  • Arrival to Baku, transfer from the Airport to your Hotel.
  • Accommodation in the hotel. Breakfast.
     Beginning of excursion in Old Town - "Icheri Sheher". See the highlights of Icheri Sheher including the Palace of the Shirvans (the most striking example of the Medieval palace structures in Azerbaijan, dating to the middle of 15th century); the Maiden's Tower (the ancient, eight storey fortress originally built as a fire beacon),  visiting of Dzhuma Mosque, shops of antiques and carpets, and the Carpet Museum (the impressive building located on the seafront - its collection was enriched with the carpets brought from Shusha Carpet Museum, evacuated before the Armenian advance).
  • sightseeing of the Maiden Tower, Shirvanshakh Palace
  • Lunch time
  • Sightseeing tour in the city: Martyr's Cemetery, located on the higher slopes of the city's west-end, this is the best place for viewing the city and the Bay of Baku. You willhave a walk in Naberezhny park and along Baku Boulevard, the second largest one in the Europe. On Boulevard you'll get a boat a make trip on it along Baku Bay. You will be introduced with the interesting facts and legends of the largest lake in the world better known as Caspian Sea.
  • Returning to the hotel
  • Dinner time

Second  Day

  • Breakfast
  • Leaving for a tour in Absheron peninsula. The second day will be spent primarily within the Greater Baku, where you will be taken to main sites on the Absheron Peninsula: One of the oldest and most interesting settlements on the peninsula, Amirajan (under its former name Hille) was the home village of the boom-era industrialist Muhtarov, who graced the town with its elegant mosque - generally considered the finest still standing in the whole Azerbaijan.
  • Ateshgah, the Fire Worshippers' Temple is located in the village of Surakhany. It was built on land where natural gas burned eternally by Zoroastrian believers who travelled from the province of Multan in India to worship. These ancient fires are believed to have given Azerbaijan its name, which is thought by some researchers to mean the 'Land of Fires'.
  • Lunch time
  • Shuvelan means the 'Place of Snakes' but its main claim to fame is the 'Mausoleum of Mir Movsum Aga'. The odd figure of Atagha (the Boneless One), apparently spent his de-calcified life slumped about the village, unable to manoeuvre himself or even stand as his body lacked a skeleton. With typical oriental optimism, his deformity was seen as a blessing. Those who encountered him reported miraculous turns of fortune. After his death, the Boneless One was interred in the graveyard in Shuvelan and pilgrims began to visit the site bringing gifts as well as prayers.
  • Also this day you will visit well preserved ancient castles of Apsheron Peninsula dated XII-XIII AD and located farther out on the Apsheron Peninsula. There are several fine medieval castles - one each at Amirajan and Nardaran and two at Mardakyany - apparently built for defence by the Shirvan shahs in the 14th century.
  • Dinner time
  • Those who interested can be transferred to nightclubs and places of interest. At summer time we will ensure you have the opportunity and time to visit beaches and enjoy the warm waters of Caspian sea.
  • Back to the hotel, free time.

    Third  Day

          This day you will visit the Gobustan reserve. Gobustan is an open-air museum littered with neolithic rock drawings. Just 65km (40mi) south of Baku, Gobustan has some 4000 inscriptions that go back 12,000 years (with some 2000 year old Latin graffiti to boot). Stone Age folks sporting loin cloths pose hunt and boogie down. Their dances are thought to have been accompanied by the melodious strains of the Gaval-Dashy (Tambourine Stone) - a rock that has a deep, resonating tone when struck.
  •        Free time.

  •        Dinner time


    Price per person

    Number of tourists

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    740 AZM



    650 AZM



    520 AZM



    435 AZM


    Package includes:

3 nights in Baku 3-4 star hotel.
Private vehicle
Accompanied by an experienced English speaking local guide. Private basis.
Your guide will look after you exclusively.
Local driver for your vehicle, exclusively for your tour.
Sightseeing programme including all entrance fees.
Private guided transfers to and from airport.
Guide's and driver's expenses.

One of the few countries where there are still practically no tourists, Azerbaijan offers a unique culture, tasty food and hospitable people.

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