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Carpet tour


Four Season Carpet

For centuries Azerbaijan had been a country of various handicrafts, particularly carpet-making. Carpet-making is one of the ancient fields of the decorative-applied art of Azerbaijan. According to archeological excavations in the territory of Azerbaijan and to literature sources, carpet-making had been conceived in ancient times. Carpet and carpe-ware made in Azerbaijan had repeatedly been glorified in historical books, classic and folk literature. Magically playing, the colours of carpets absorbed ruby brightness of pomegranate, golden briliance of quince, copper of saffron and lilac tints of grapes. Inexhaustible richnes of colours, inimitable inits beauty interlacement of patterns , flight of artistic fantasy and consummate skill - that is Azerbaijan carpet. According to the historical sources, Azerbaijan was one of the most important centers of pile and flat-woven carpets production in the East in Middle Ages. 

During the tour you will be introduced with an ancient Azeri art - carpet weaving. Visitors will visit workshops where they can personally watch the transformation of different colors threads into the beautiful work of art. Also attend the carpet shops located in the Icheri Sheher (
Old Town). There the best modern and some antique Azeri carpets will be presented to their attention and tourists will have an opportunity to buy carpets accompanying with their certificates for the very competitive prices. 


1st day

  • Transfer from airport.
  • Accommodation in the hotel.
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on time of arrival.
  • Free time.

2-nd day

  • Breakfast.

  • Beginning of excursion in Old Town - "Icheri Sheher". See the highlights of Icheri Sheher including the Palace of the Shirvans (the most striking example of the Medieval palace structures in Azerbaijan, dating to the middle of 15th century); the Maiden's Tower (the ancient, eight storey fortress originally built as a fire beacon), Guests will visit carpet shops located in Icheri Sheher where they'll watch beautiful works of carpet weaving art and have an opportunity to buy certified carpets.
  • Next stop will be The Museum of Carpets & Applied Art (the impressive building located on the seafront - its collection was enriched with the carpets brought from Shusha Carpet Museum, evacuated before the Armenian advance). The Museum posses one of the best collections of local and Persian carpets which will be presented to your attention. It has a brilliant display of woven and knotted Azerbaijani carpets, plus jewellery, embroidery, metalwork and carved wood. . The oldest carpet is dated from XVII century. Here, you not only can get acquainted with the types of carpets but also can weave your first little carpet
  • Lunch at national restaurant
  • Sightseeing tour in the city: Martyr's Cemetery, located on the higher slopes of the city's west-end, this is the best place for viewing the city and the Bay of Baku. You willhave a walk in Naberezhny park and along Baku Boulevard, the second largest one in the Europe. On Boulevard you'll get a boat a make trip on it along Baku Bay. You will be introduced with the interesting facts and legends of the largest lake in the world better known as Caspian Sea.
  • Returning to the hotel 

3d  day


  • Breakfast
  • The third day will be spent primarily within the Greater Baku, where you will be taken to carpet workshops using an ancient technique of carpet weaving. you'll be given a brief lecture from one of the famous Azeri experts in carpets. Here tourists can the process of the carpet?s birth starting from the basic coloring of the weaves with natural colors; Process of creating non-piled carpets vernis, sumakhs, djedjms, hourjins using ancient technologies and peculiarities of carpet weaving in different regions will be demonstrated. Tourist will see how old carpets are being restored, straightened, cleaned. Here tourists will also be able to purchase carpets and related items. Certificate is immediately given, items is send to the tourists address anywhere in the world with the payment after delivery and two-year warranty of return and exchange.
  • There is one of the unique monuments of world culture in that area - Ateshgah, the Fire Worshippers' Temple located in the village of Surakhany. The Atashgah Temple has been a centre of worship for thousands of years and was used by traders of Great Silk Route as a caravanserai or as an important place to visit. It was built on land where natural gas burned eternally by Zoroastrian believers who travelled from the province of Multan in India to worship. These ancient fires are believed to have given Azerbaijan its name, which is thought by some researchers to mean the 'Land of Fires'.
  • Lunch
  • Also this day you will visit well preserved ancient castles of Apsheron Peninsula dated XII-XIII AD and located further out on the Apsheron Peninsula. There are several fine medieval castles - one each at Amirajan and Nardaran and two at Mardakyany - apparently built for defence by the Shirvan shahs in the 14th century.
  • Dinner in the local restaurant.
  • Those who interested can be transferred to nightclubs and places of interest. At summer time we will ensure you have the opportunity and time to visit beaches and enjoy the warm waters of Caspian Sea.
  • Back to the hotel, free time.

4-th day

  • Breakfast.
  • Departure for Lahij.
  • In the beautiful and ancient place called Lahij tourists will attend a famous ancient carpet workshop which is also producing certified carpets. Many of the 2,000 people living in Lahij are involved in ancient crafts such as engraved copper work and carpet weaving. In the mid-19th century, there were more than 200 workshops in Lahij. Traders discovered Lahij crafts many centuries ago, and sold them for high prices at bazaars in Baghdad (Iraq), Shiraz (Iran) and other Middle Eastern cities.

Local legend tells that Iranian Shah Kay Khosrow retired to this village in the Caucasus because of its pleasant climate and picturesque scenery. In the Zavara cemetery, there's even a grave with a tombstone that clearly reads "Kay Khosrow," along with other tombstones that date back more than 1,000 years ago.

  • From Lahij you will be transferred to Shemakha where you will have your dinner and stay in local hotel.

5-th day

  •  Breakfast
  • Transfer to Guba.
  • The carpets of Guba are equally as famous. It is one of Azeri centres of carpet making - Quba's rugs are believed to be one of the best in the world.
  • One such carpet, which dates back to 1712 is on display at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Carpets from Guba are distinctive in their workmanship and design and are sold all over the world. Guba has an array of historic buildings from the 9th and the 16th century - such as the two egg-shaped domes.
  • You will visit the oriental bathes, muslim momuments - Djuma Mosque (XIX c.), octagonal mausoleum (XVI c.), Tengialty Castle, Sakina-khanum Mosque (XIX c.). Tour program includes a visit to carpet weaving factory with an opportunity to buy famous Guba carpets.
  • Dinner

6-th day

  • Breakfast.
  • Return to Baku.
  • Optional visit to the artist's workshop. This is the art gallery named after great scientist, artist and carpet maker Lyatif Kerimov. You can order and purchase any carpet or related item done with his drawings and sketches. There also could be organised a second visit to Museum of Azerbaijani Carpet where  in relaxed atmosphere with food and refreshments guests will watch the performance about national holidays, legends, myths, folklore presented by Garavelli folk satiric theatre.
  • Check-out and transfer to the airport either in the afternoon or in the morning next day

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Included in the package:
Breakfasts, lunches, dinners
Accommodation in 3* hotels
Guide Services

more info about Azerbaijan rugs and carpets here

We collaborate with a number of carpet workshops and carpet dealers. If you have an interest in buying genuine Azeri carpet without visiting the country feel free to contact us. We can offer for your attention a collection of exceptional Caucasian carpets at the very competitive prices, prices that you find ridiculously low for such an object of the art somewhere in the West. All of these rugs, with various designs, were hand knotted in wool in Azerbaijan (Guba, Shirvan, Karabakh, Baku, Kazakh, Ganja, Shusha, Jebrail, Tabriz, Ardabil) (90% of Caucasian named carpets are Azerbaijan carpets) Our rugs were made almost exactly the same way as the rugs were made thousands of years ago.

Each our rug is unique and in NO WAY A RESULT OF MASS PRODUCTION. Ninety-five percent of all rugs made today are woven with inexpensive processed wool which has been spun into yarn by machine, and then coloured with modern synthetic dyes. The result is a rug which appears precise and lifeless with no variation in design, texture, or coloration. This is how most modern rugs are made.

The rugs we offer for your attention are the original Caucasians! Be ware of the rugs with Caucasian designs that are made in other countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, even in China.

And last but not least: All the rugs are certified with authenticity from The State Museum of Carpets & Applied Art.   

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