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Tour to Nakhchivan


Nakhchivan (Naxcivan, Naxjivan, Nakhichivan) is the magnificently stark, disconnected chunk of Azerbaijan stretch­ing from the awesome shadow of Mt Agri (Ararat) to the historic town of Ordubad. For most of the Soviet era this was a secre­tive military zone. The place remains a little-known entity for most Westerners even though it has a lot of mentioning in Bible related stories.

The name Nakhchivan comes from Nukkhtchikhan - 'colony of Noah', or per­haps meaning 'first descent' implying much the same thing Noah's ark is supposed to have grounded itself upon the slopes of Mt Ararat (or Nakhchivan's Mt Gamigaya according to some Azeri sources). However, the first time the ark struck land was when its hull crunched into the sub­merged summit of Nakhchivan's Ilan-dag ('snake mountain'). This collision is the legendary source of the cleft in that very dramatic mesa-style peak.


In his book Legend, archaeologist David Rohl disputes any claim Nakhchivan might have over the Noah leg­end, but makes up this for loss by identifying the river Araz as the Bible's 'River Gihon' -one of the four 'rivers of Eden'. He goes on to site the 'Garden of Eden' in Azerbaijan too, albeit in the southern half, in other words in what is now Iran.


Azerbaijan24 team is pleased to offer tour to this remote part of Azerbaijan and guide you to this nearly undiscovered by the Western tourist part of the world. The standard 7-day tour to Nakhchivan that we offer here could be modified according to our customers' requirements, just get in contact with one of our team members and we will tailor the tour according to your needs.

Tour Program

First Day

Arrival to
Baku, transfer from the Airport to your Hotel.
Hotel check in.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the time of arrival.
Baku City tour program can be arranged depending on the availability of time.

Second Day

Beginning of excursion in Old Town - "Icheri Sheher". See the highlights of Icheri Sheher including the Palace of the Shirvans (the most striking example of the Medieval palace structures in Azerbaijan, dating to the middle of 15th century); the Maiden's Tower which is according to the latest researches is the largest Zoroastrian temple in the world, visiting of Dzhuma Mosque, shops of antiques and carpets, and the Carpet Museum (the impressive building located on the seafront - its collection was enriched with the carpets brought from Shusha Carpet Museum, evacuated before the Armenian advance). Lunch at national restaurant.

Sightseeing tour in the city: Martyr's Cemetery, located on the higher slopes of the city's west-end, this is the best place for viewing the city and the Bay of Baku. You will have a walk in Naberezhny park and along Baku Boulevard, the second largest one in the Europe. On Boulevard you'll get a boat a make trip on it along Baku Bay. You will be introduced with the interesting facts and legends of the largest lake in the world better known as Caspian Sea.

Return to the hotel.


Third Day
Ararat montain on the way from Baku to Nakhichevan

Flights are very interesting for the great views of Mt Agri (Ararat)


Transfer to Bina Airport. Arrival to Nakhichevan, transfer to hotel. Free day

4-th day (Baku-Nakhichevan)


Breakfast. Nakhichevan city sightseeing tour:


The splendid 12th-century Momine Khatun mausoleum, which is the city's icon and its focus. It is perhaps the finest single antique monument in Azerbaijan, although currently wrapped in scaffolding to counter a Pisa-style lean. Built in 1186 by Acami Abubakiroglu Nakhchivani, experts differ over exactly which royal lady it was intend­ed to honour.


Car­pet museum housed within the former Khan's Palace.


Pointy-topped Yusuf Ibn Kuseyir turbe (Octahedral tomb).


The whole ensemble overlooks the Araz reser­voir beyond which the Iranian mountains look especially picturesque when snow-topped in spring.


Little Qarabaglar settlement sitting in a peaceful green grove softening the otherwise barren red-brown crags that rise gently towards the arid Qarakush foothills. It is very hard to believe that this was once the bustling cara­van town described by 17th-century travelers as having 70 mosques, 40 minarets and 10,000 buildings - a major stopping point on the Nakhchivan-Yerevan route. You can find  here the remains of twin minarets and fluted tomb tower of Jehan Kudi Khatun. This impressive complex is thought to date from the reign of Abu Said Bahadur Khan (1319-35) and its intricate blue majolica tile-work is finally receiving a much-needed restoration.


Free time.

5-th day



Ilan Dag mountain.

Ruins of Alinja Castle, where many 7th-to 11th-century wall fragments still survive from Eldegyz's great fortress, the primary attraction is the bracing climb and excellent views that you get on the way up. It takes only 10-15 minutes to reach the first two outer wall sections, but the main ruins and ponds are at the crag-top, an hour and a half's scramble beyond. As well as magnificent views across to Ilan Dag, you will be able see a range of wild, jagged rock teeth on the ridge to the north and the Hajimi turbe across the valley on the other side of Xanagar village.

The ancient Gilan city.

Free time.


6-th Day - Nakhichevan - Baku


Breakfast. Transfer from the hotel to Nakhichevan Airport.

Arrival to Baku city and transfer to the hotel.

Free time till the dinner in the traditional restaurant.

7-th  Day

You will finish your Nakhichevan tour by visiting the Gobustan reserve. Gobustan is an open-air museum littered with neolithic rock drawings. Just 65km (40mi) south of Baku, Gobustan has some 4000 inscriptions that go back 12,000 years (with some 2000 year old Latin graffiti to boot). Stone Age folks sporting loin cloths pose hunt and boogie down. Their dances are thought to have been accompanied by the melodious strains of the Gaval-Dashy (Tambourine Stone) - a rock that has a deep, resonating tone when struck.

Free time.  

8-th day

Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to the airport.

Price per person

Number of tourists

Rate per person












Package includes:

7 nights accommodation in 2-3 star hotels, B&B. 
Private vehicle
Accompanied by an experienced English speaking local guide. Private basis.
Your guide will look after you exclusively.
Local driver for your vehicle, exclusively for your tour.
Sightseeing programme including all entrance fees.
Private guided transfers to and from airport.
Guide's and driver's expenses.

Return flight to Nakhichevan.


* - Hotel upgrade could be arranged for extra fee. 

One of the few countries where there are still practically no tourists, Azerbaijan offers a unique culture, tasty food and hospitable people.

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